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If you were hurt in a car crash, the police report could be a powerful piece of evidence to support your claim for damages. But what if the report assigns blame, either wholly or partially, on you? 

Should this happen to you, remember that officers can make mistakes, just like any human. It will be important that you do what you can to try to correct those mistakes in your report. 

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Here’s some information on why the report may be wrong, and the steps you can take to correct any errors that occurred. 

Reasons Why the Report May Say You’re to Blame

The first question you may ask yourself in this situation is, “How could this happen?” Although there are several possible answers, here are some of the more common ones.

The officer made accidental errors in the report.

The report could contain factual errors, such as information about your insurance company, your vehicle, the location of the accident, or misstated the names/roles of the parties.

Officers might make mistakes transcribing their notes as they’re under a great deal of pressure to fill out a report as quickly as they reasonably can. Some errors might be misstating the speed with which the at-fault driver was traveling, or it could’ve been an error of omission. 

Although not always an error, sometimes the initial report might not indicate that you, the not at-fault party, suffered any injury. If that’s the case, you can contact the officer to provide supplemental information because it’s possible you didn’t know you were injured at the time you gave your initial statement because you were in shock, but over time injuries might have developed.

The officer didn’t receive adequate scene reconstruction training.

Officers should have the proper training in reconstructing an accident scene based on the evidence they see. For example, they should be able to tell which vehicle had the right-of-way, the approximate speed of the vehicles involved, and whether one of the drivers ran a red light. 

If they don’t have proper training, key evidence could be missing from the report which might misplace blame in the cause of the accident. 

Fixing an Incorrect Police Report in 3 Steps

You don’t have to simply accept a police report that’s filled with mistakes. The success of your case could largely depend on fixing whatever errors exist. Here are a few ways to do that. 

Gather evidence.

police report against me evidence

You’ll need proof that the accident didn’t actually occur in the manner stated in the officer’s report. If you have evidence that supports your version of events, compile it for presenting to the officer–this can include photos, videos, and witness statements.

If you didn’t take any photos and don’t have any witnesses, talk to an attorney. There might have been a surveillance camera nearby at a store or home that has footage that could support your case. You would have a hard time obtaining the footage, but an attorney could do it relatively easily.

Contact the officer who wrote the report.

Go to the website of the law enforcement agency that issued the report and see if it provides information on the procedures regarding how to correct any inaccuracies. Follow those procedures to the letter. 

If the website doesn’t provide any help, reach out to the officer because your chances of obtaining compensation could depend on receiving a correct report. Your attorney may be able to contact the officer on your behalf if you’re uncomfortable doing so. 

Meet with the officer and present your evidence.

It’s highly unlikely that the officer is going to be willing to change the report based solely on a phone call, text, or email. If you can, meet them in person so you can explain your side of the story and provide all the evidence you and your attorney have gathered.

Although you might be frustrated – maybe even angry – be polite as you’ll have a much better chance of getting the report changed if you show respect and kindness. Also, act as quickly as you can. The earlier you get in touch, the more likely the officer will be to recall your accident, listen to what you have to say, and will understand your sense of urgency. 

You Have Options Even if the Report is Against You

Don’t ever give up on your case – even if the police report says the accident was your fault. If you need help, get in touch with Mike Rafi online, or call him at (706) 995-7547.


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