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Certainly, a traumatic brain injury can have life-long implications on the victim’s general wellness and social and financial position.

It can leave them with permanent needs for medical care as the affected persons seek treatments like medications or therapies to cure or manage the medical condition.

Besides being quite delicate, the brain plays a central role in the human body’s everyday functioning, and car accidents can limit its ability in multiple ways.

For example, a brain injury can cause a loss of cognitive skills and make it difficult for the victim to think, talk, remember, read, or learn clearly.

This post discusses what you need to know about brain injuries, including how to identify them, why you should hire an Athens traumatic brain injury lawyer, and the legal recourse available for car accident victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury from the negligence of another individual or party.

How Do I Know If I Have A Brain Injury?

It is best to note the likely car-accident circumstances that can lead to a brain injury since, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car and truck accidents are responsible for 14% of brain injuries.

A traumatic brain injury often occurs when part of your body, particularly the head, has suffered a sudden and violent physical blow, bump, or jolt, resulting in a forceful impact on the brain.

The accident can cause a bruise on the brain’s surface or nerves or force the brain to move rapidly and rebound within the skull.

In a car accident scenario, an individual is likely to knock their head on the vehicle’s steering wheel, window, or dashboard, thus injuring the brain.

Similarly, decelerating or changing directions too abruptly can injure the brain by causing rapid brain movement inside the skull.

The brain can also be injured when a foreign object penetrates the skull, and the trauma reaches the brain. This is called a penetrating head injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can be hard to identify, especially mild or at the initial stages following the accident.

However, following a car accident that causes a brain injury, the affected person may struggle with following life skills that were seemingly routine for them before the accident:

  • Communication skills, including word expression, comprehension, or speech.
  • Cognitive skills manifested through loss of memory, inability to concentrate, and think logically.
  • Inability to process senses like touch, smell, taste, sight, or hearing
  • Loss of motor skills and coordination affects the victim’s ability to grasp items, maintain balance, or correct posture.
  • Difficulties maintaining stable emotional health. The affected persons often display extreme anxiety, personality changes, and depression.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Traumatic Brain Injury?

  • Memory loss or confusion
  • Constant headaches
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Dilated pupils
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness or loss of balance
  • Weakness when moving the arms and legs
  • Sudden mood changes, including showing signs of depression and irritability
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Sleeping difficulty or inability to awaken from sleep.
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Sensitivity to noise and light
  • Speech difficulty (characterized by slurred words or difficulty finding words)

What Should I Do If I Think I Have A Brain Injury?

Before exploring your legal options, getting quick medical attention from a licensed professional is always best. This will help you get a proper diagnosis, understand the extent of the injury, and begin treatment and recovery as soon as possible.

Ultimately, your good health is extremely vital. Also, it is important to note that when left untreated, most traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent or fatal brain damage.

On the other hand, seeking immediate medical help helps you understand the increased chances of fully recovering.
Once your health concerns have been addressed, you can determine if you need to seek compensation or sue the parties you deem responsible for the car accident and resulting injury.

To determine whether to hire a lawyer, see if your case has met the following conditions:

  • The negligent party owed you a duty of care.
  • The negligent party’s actions demonstrate a breach of that duty.
  • Breaching that duty of care led to your traumatic brain injury.
  • You were injured and incurred damages.

Suppose you can prove the above elements of negligence. In that case, it is best to consult a car accident lawyer for legal advice and find effective ways of gathering evidence before filing a compensation claim.

Ideally, look for an advocate with sufficient work experience in TBI cases who can successfully negotiate and deal with such cases.

Why Is It Important To See A Doctor After A Head Injury?

A doctor will take care of your health needs by doing the following:

  • Proper diagnosis through physical examination, intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring, and imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans.
  • Medical report writing
  • Recommending the best treatment options depending on your injury. The treatment option may include surgeries to remove blood clots, medications for pain and swelling, and rehabilitation therapies like speech therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.

The doctor may recommend extended rest periods for mild head injuries and continue monitoring the patient.

It is vital to note that a medical report from a qualified professional or physician is necessary for the victim’s claim for compensation. The car accident lawyer will use the doctor’s report to assess the magnitude of the head injury, its implications on the victim’s life, and the insurance covers available for the victim, if any.

If you decide to hire a lawyer and claim compensation for the head injury, your lawyer will need to work closely with your doctor to determine how much you should receive in compensation.

What Types Of Compensation Can I Recover For A Brain Injury?

If your lawyer can prove that the injury occurred from the negligence of another, the victim can claim for compensation of the following damages from the responsible party:

  • Medical care bills (immediate and long-term),
  • Rehabilitation, including therapy costs
  • Lost earnings or wages,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Reduction of their quality of life, among others.

Since compensation claims differ from one case to another, we encourage you to consult a qualified Athens traumatic brain injury lawyer to know the compensation you can get.

Are There Time Limits For Filling A TBI Claim?

The duration for filing a traumatic brain injury claim varies from one state to another and also depends on the circumstances of each case.

In many states, you will have two years to file a claim against the negligent person, starting from the day the accident occurred.

To be sure, it is best to consult a car accident lawyer, who will evaluate the specifics of your case and tell you how much time you have to file your claim.

Should I Hire A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

Yes. It is always advisable to consult an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer when you or someone close to you has been involved in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The need for legal counsel is even greater if the negligence of another party caused the accident.

The lawyer will advise you on the merits and demerits of the case, specifically the probability of settling the case in and out of court, and represent you throughout the proceedings.

A trustworthy Athens traumatic brain injury lawyer at our firm will help you determine all the liable parties, build a case against them, determine how much you should be compensated, and lodge a claim.

For example, when dealing with the insurance company, your traumatic brain injury lawyer sends a settlement demand letter to the insurance company to begin negotiations on your behalf.

The lawyer will also present the available evidence, such as medical reports, accident reports, witness accounts, and professional opinions that support your claim for fair compensation.

Ordinarily, it would help if you had a lawyer with strong negotiation skills. Most insurance companies will hire qualified advocates to attempt to drive the compensation value down and settle for a lower amount to protect the insurer’s profits.

Remember to ask your lawyer the number of traumatic brain injury cases they have handled and how many have ended in successful settlements for their clients.

Don’t Let a TBI Ruin Your Life, Get the Compensation You Deserve Now!

Accidents often lead to serious head injuries and can leave the victims and their loved ones with a huge financial burden.

Other than the physical trauma, it can be more challenging overcoming the emotional brunt of an accident that could have been avoided if the negligent party played their part well.

But with a competent personal injury lawyer, you can claim fair compensation and begin to rebuild your life and recover as much as possible.

It would help to have a Athens traumatic brain injury lawyer with a clear history of winning TBI accident claims to boost your chances of forming a strong case against the party liable for the accident and damages.

You also need a lawyer who understands the importance of their client’s privacy as some of your documents, like medical records, may be of particular significance during the case proceedings.

A good personal injury lawyer should not only provide professional legal counsel but also be empathetic and honest, have a flexible payment structure, and be ready to offer the support and guidance the client needs to recover and rebuild their lives.

We encourage you to talk to Athens Car Accidents Lawyers for a no-obligation and free consultation today.


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