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No, Georgia does not report speeding tickets to other states officially. However, there are some other factors or caveats to that statement, so keep reading to be sure you’re in the clear.

Georgia is 1 of 5 states that are non-members of the Drivers License Compact (DLC)

The Driver’s License Compact (DLC), which is an agreement among 45 U.S. states to share ticket data with the others. States in the DLC share convictions for traffic tickets with other states, so that if a driver gets more convictions in another state, they can have higher penalties and more serious consequences.

Georgia is one of five states that is NOT in the DLC (the others are Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin). So, Georgia does not report speeding tickets to other states via the DLC if you get a traffic ticket here and are from out of state. But there are other ways your driving history can be shared with other states.

Your information could still be shared in certain situations

You’re not completely in the clear, unfortunately. Your traffic ticket information could still be shared under some circumstances. Keep reading to learn some ways your driving data could be released to other states.

Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC)

There is another multi-state agreement called the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC), and Georgia IS a member state of that compact. Because of this, Georgia must suspend the license of any drivers who do not pay their tickets or resolve their violations in another state. This means that you could still risk license suspension in another state if you fail to handle a ticket acquired in Georgia or vice versa.

Some people regularly get traffic violations in other states while traveling, and then when they go back home to their own state, they think they can pretend that the ticket in another state doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, this was common enough that the NRVC had to be created to hold drivers accountable who neglect to handle their tickets in other states. So, any past ticket information is still accessible by other states and by Georgia via the NRVC.

National Driver Register (NDR)

Another place your ticket information could be shared is on the National Driver Register. The NDR has participation from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This register has all the information of past serious infractions, including license suspensions, revocations, and major violations like DUIs.

When you apply for a driver’s license in any state, the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Driver Services will check the NDR for your name to see if you have any past issues.

If you are listed on the NDR as a dangerous driver, you may not be able to get a license in a new state. This is to keep people from going to the next state over and getting a new license after having theirs revoked in their home state. In fact, you won’t be able to get a license in a new state until your original license is reinstated.

In a crash while speeding? We can help.

If you’re an out-of-state driver who was injured in a crash while speeding, we urge you not to ignore your ticket. You should either pay or contest your ticket, and in the meantime,  work with an Athens car accident lawyer to recover compensation for your injuries.

Attorney Mike Rafi works hard for his clients, representing them to get the most favorable outcome in their case. We don’t handle traffic tickets, but we have years of experience handling all kinds of crashes. Call us today at (706) 995-7547 to schedule a free case consultation.


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